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Intimina Ziggy Cup 2 Review

Intimina Ziggy Cup 2 Review

intimina ziggy cup 2

Is it really possible to improve on a near-perfect thing?  The answer is “Yes.” Intimina has managed to do just that with the new Intimina Ziggy Cup 2.    

About Intimina

Based in Sweden, Intimina is revolutionizing the intimate care industry by offering products that support women at every stage.  While most feminine product companies focus mainly on selling products to menstruating women, Intimina educates and empowers women whether they are menstruating (or not), pregnant, or even in menopause. Intimina offers a variety of menstrual cups, Kegel exercisers, and accessories to improve your feminine wellness.  The latest addition to the Intimina family is the Ziggy Cup 2.  

Intimina Ziggy Cup 2, menstrual disc
The new, improved Ziggy Cup 2

Ziggy Cup 2 – Worn To Be Free

Ziggy Cup 2 is the new, improved version of the original, award-winning Ziggy Cup.  Like its predecessor, it is a flat-fit, reusable menstrual disc that is designed to provide an ultimate level of freedom and comfort for your life while bleeding.  

Highlights of the Ziggy Cup 2

  • Safe – 100% medical-grade silicone
  • Eco-friendly – reusable menstrual cups reduce environmental waste from traditional feminine hygiene products
  • Reliable – leak-free double rim and 50-75 ml capacity provide up to 8 hours of protection for light to heavy flow

Also, Ziggy Cup 2’s flat-fit design provides a noteworthy benefit – it is designed for mess-free period sex.  

Key Improvements of the Ziggy Cup 2

Improving upon the original design, Ziggy Cup 2 comes in two sizes, A and B, to account for flow and cervical position.  Ziggy Cup 2 A is for light to medium flow and short cervix; Ziggy Cup 2 B is for heavier flow and higher cervix.  The new Ziggy is lighter in weight and shaped slightly different for an easier, more comfortable fit.  It also has a ribbed tab to allow for easier removal.   

Another thing to point out about Intimina is its commitment to social and environmental responsibility.  In improving the Ziggy Cup, Intimina switched from plastic packaging to a recyclable carton.   

How To Use A Menstrual Disc

Menstrual discs, in general, function the same way their cup cousins do, but they are inserted and removed differently. 

Inserting the Ziggy Cup 2 

If you are a more visual learner, check out the Wear Test in the video above.

  1. Wash your hands and get comfortable.  Some people insert or remove their cups on the toilet, in the shower, or laying down. With practice, you will find what is most comfortable for you.  Just remember that relaxing makes the process much easier.  
  2. Find the front of your cup.  Remember the ribbed tab I just told you about?  This nifty addition is in the front of the cup! Make sure the front is facing away from you.  
  3. Squeeze the sides of the rim together, making a “hot dog” shape.  
  4. Aiming your Ziggy at the back of your body, insert it back and down into the vagina. (Don’t aim it straight up.) Use your index finger to finish pushing the front rim behind your pelvic bone.  

If you have inserted your Ziggy Cup correctly, it will cover your cervix and collect your menstrual fluid without leaking.  

Removing the Ziggy Cup 2

  1. Wash your hands and Get comfortable.  It is equally important that you relax and practice good hygiene during the removal as it is for insertion.  
  2. Use your finger to find the front rim of the cup, and hook your finger behind it.  If you find this hard to do, push down like you’re doing #2.  And don’t worry – it’s totally normal, especially at certain points in your cycle.  
  3. Pull the Ziggy Cup, keeping it as horizontal as possible

Bonus Tip:  I like to insert my Ziggy in the shower (after I’m all fresh and clean) and remove it over the toilet (less mess).  I also like to use Intimina’s Intimate Accessory Cleaner at every change.  

My Review of Ziggy Cup 2 

The original Ziggy Cup has been my menstrual product of choice for about a year.  I had virtually no complaints with it, but the Ziggy Cup 2’s improvements upon the previous design are very noticeable.  When I got my first Ziggy Cup, I admittedly had a hard time figuring out what direction the disc should go, so I welcomed the new tell-tale tab in the front. 

I also appreciate the new sizing option.  I’ve seen other cups sold in sizes that had confusing criteria, like age AND childbirth lumped together.  Cervical length and flow are more “scientific” or straightforward means of identifying which you should purchase.  Furthermore, I have tuned in to the fact that my body feels differently throughout my period due to changes in my cervical position.  This made my old Ziggy Cup a bit less comfortable toward the end of my period.  The slight adjustment in the shape and the new, smaller size option alleviate any discomfort and empower me to make the adjustments that are best for my body.  

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The only minor nitpick I have is the carrying pouch.  Ziggy Cup 2 now comes in a washable fabric pouch instead of a silicone sleeve.  There’s absolutely nothing wrong with that; I’m just personally attached to the pouch.  In any event, if that’s the worst thing about the product, I’d still say it’s batting 100.  

Verdict:  High and Mighty

I still think that the Ziggy Cup 2 stands head and shoulders above traditional menstrual cups and is in a whole different class than pads or tampons.  My life continues to be easier and my period continues to not run my life because of this product.  Win-win!  I highly recommend any menstruating woman who desires more freedom while bleeding try Ziggy Cup 2.  

You can get more information about the Ziggy Cup 2 and purchase it here

Special thanks to Intimina for sponsoring this post and sending me this product to review.  Not to worry- this is still a REAL DEAL REVIEW!  The opinions expressed above are my own and the review below represents my honest experience.  

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