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Your Story Matters – Why I’m Not Giving Up (and You Shouldn’t Either)

Your Story Matters – Why I’m Not Giving Up (and You Shouldn’t Either)

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April 1 was the anniversary of my launching Mack the Maverick. This year, more than ever, I was at a loss for any profound reflection. Stay with me…

I’ll be completely honest with you. I have struggled to find the motivation at times to keep going. My writing and creating have been sparse and inconsistent. I have even found myself questioning my “why.” The past year or so has felt like I’ve been suspended in mid-air, gently drifting away from my passion and my purpose.

But God.

And you.

Yes, YOU. I flirted with the idea of quitting, but every time I thought about it I’d get a new idea. Or I’d wake up and see a new subscriber. Better yet, someone would tell me that sharing my journey helped them with theirs. Even when I wasn’t able to act on every thought or I had the absence of momentum inspiration yet remained.

I almost chalked this day up as another missed opportunity, but that was thankfully not to be. I happened to check one of my long-forgotten inboxes and found a message about how my decision to share my health journey, in particular, was helpful to someone. As I thought about why I decided to be open about such a vulnerable part of my life, this hit me:

Your testimony may be the bridge between “hurt” and “healing” or helplessness and hope for someone else.

-Chaffron Corder

I am in a constant state of evolution and so is this platform. The older I get and the more life I live, the more I feel a deeper obligation not to take my value to the grave with me, even if my stories are all I have to offer. Remember: YOUR STORY MATTERS.

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That’s the heart of the Mack the Maverick. What started as a beauty blog has become a universe that supports well-rounded women. As I reset for year seven of Mack the Maverick (and approach year 37 of my life), here’s what I hope to offer:

  • Inspiration, NOT Influence – I have never considered myself an influencer, and I probably never will. I have no intention of swaying anyone to do or be what I want or what I am. I hope to inspire you to be the best YOU that you can be and help you to have the best well-rounded life you can have.
  • Intergenerational Sharing – I have recognized that we are in a unique position in today’s world to maximize the value of all generations. I so appreciate how much the guidance of my elders has helped me in life. I also recognize the gifts that lie in the next generation. Now that I’m entering the “big sister” season of my life, I’d love to bridge the gap between the “aunties” and the “nieces.”
  • Increased Investment – I so miss the season when I was working on the platform more consistently and more strategically. Likewise, the yield I have seen directly correlates to this. I pray that this year I will be able to invest more effort into watering the seeds that have been planted here at Mack the Maverick.

That said, I pray and believe God to bless every seed that has been planted in your life, and that the fruit is oh so sweet this year!

Greatest Grace,

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  • What a wonderful post!! Thank you for your honesty and
    your willingness to press forward in this gift that God has given you. I love it when it said that you mentioned that you serve to be an inspiration and not an influencer. That is so important in the times that we are living in. Keep up the excellent work that you are doing, and may the Lord bless you in all of your endeavors!

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