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Live On: Words of Wisdom For the Next Generation

Live On: Words of Wisdom For the Next Generation

Mack the Maverick Letter Live On

I wish I knew then what I now. Hindsight is 20/20.  Live on.  Growing up is hard.  When we go through things in our youth, we lack the perspective that comes with time and separation.   That is where those who are more “seasoned” come in.  It is said that life often gives us the test before the lesson, but those lessons don’t always have to be bought.   There is a wisdom only experience can bring.  And that wisdom isn’t just for us – it for us share with the next generation.  The following excerpts were submitted by ten women from diverse backgrounds, with different journeys, who were kind enough to share their pearls of wisdom with us. 

If I Could Tell My Younger Self One Thing…

Trust the Process

Learn and meditate on  Jeremiah 29:11, which says, “For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.” – Mae T.

Enjoy the moment and don’t rush through life.  Don’t sweat the small stuff; save your energy and time to tackle the bigger problems that will surely come.  Be confident in who you are an who’s you are – a child of the king.  Seek and ask God for your purpose early, so you don’t waste time doing things you weren’t created to do.  – Cassandra M.

Welcome the unknown. I was so scared of choosing a path that didn’t have a set path that I stayed premed until the semester before my senior year. Had I been honest with myself and allowed myself to dive into the unknown sooner, I would’ve been happier. – Aitza B.

Everything is going to be ok. I was (and still am to some degree) a perfectionist. I was always planning my life down to every detail and often felt like a failure if it didn’t work out exactly the way I’d planned. I spent a lot of time worrying, especially in my first job after undergrad, unnecessarily. Now, I still plan. But when life throws a wrench in my plans, I immediately adapt and come up with a new plan for success. – Denise F.

Do not be in a hurry to become an adult.  Enjoy your youth and enjoy just being you.  – Dorothy T.

Know Who You Are

God created you a “Designer Original.” Never let anyone make you think otherwise.  The Bible says you are accepted in the beloved which is Jesus Christ.  He loves you more than you’ll ever know so take the time to find out how deep and wide that love is.  It will be your measuring stick as you venture into relationships as to what true love is.  Love God with all your heart and He will show you who He has to find you as a good thing.  Educate yourself, explore your dreams, and the person God has for you to share your life with, if you so choose, will come alongside you and encourage you to be all God called you to be.  Laugh often, care less, and enjoy your journey.  Some people are temporary, some are permanent.  Know the difference.  Enjoy your journey.  – Carlette B.

It’s okay not to be liked. -Kristen B.

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I think I wish I’d been more curious about the world, about why I thought what I thought, learning different perspectives, experimenting with my own skill set, discovering what I really enjoyed and was passionate about.  It’s incredibly normal to worry what others think of you, to fear rejection, to make choices largely informed by others’ (perceived) thoughts.  I wish I’d really understood the Gospel and the humble confidence that really manifests itself once that takes root. Being brave enough to see your own sin and know your need for a Savior, yet walking in confidence that you are fully known yet fully loved and accepted.  I am only now learning that; what a difference it might have made in my friendships, family and impact on the world around me. – Megan S.

Don’t be afraid to speak your mind and heart.  It’s important to speak your truth; it frees you and helps the healing process.  -Latesha D.

20 Ways to Glow

  1. I love myself, respect myself and accept myself exactly as I am.
  2. I’m a Queen.
  3. I deserve to be happy and loved.
  4. I am doing my best and it is enough.
  5. I have something special to offer the world. 
  6. I love myself and treat myself with kindness, with love, with integrity, and with respect. 
  7. I have been blessed with qualities that uplift others and even on my hardest days, I am the perfect mother for my children.
  8. No success is too small to celebrate, and I revel in the tiny wins today.
  9. I recognize the wisdom, strength, and compassion that within me.
  10. It isn’t selfish to be kind to myself.
  11. Don’t postpone joy!
  12. Live without the limitations that others have set for you. 
  13. Celebrate every moment, for it is Great.
  14. Proverbs 18:22 is really real and you too are Virtuous!
  15. You were meant and created to be here for a purpose unbelievably, unbeknownst to man. Many eyes haven’t seen…
  16. Love from within and without hesitation.
  17. Focus on YOU. 
  18. God’s vision for your life is true.
  19. Embrace and enjoy who He has created you to be. 
  20. You’re a Beautiful Blessing morning by morning…🌻-

-Tamara Reynolds

If you could go back in time, what would YOU tell your younger self?  Please share in the comments below!

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