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Makeup Forever HD Skin Hydra Glow & HD Skin Setting Powder Review

Makeup Forever HD Skin Hydra Glow & HD Skin Setting Powder Review

MUFE HD Skin hydra glow and Setting Powder

Makeup Forever recently launched two new additions to their HD Skin line of products, the HydraGlow Foundation and Setting Powder. Both new products seem to have been met with favorable reviews, but are they worth the hype? I tested both to find out.

Tl; dr – I did an 11-hour wear test on the Makeup Forever HD Skin Hydra Glow foundation and HD Skin Setting Powder.

Makeup Forever HD Skin Hydra Glow Foundation

$47 (full size)/$22 (mini size; select shades) –

Hydra Glow is Makeup Forever’s luminous alternative to the original matte-finish HD Skin foundation. Boasting such buzzy components as hyaluronic acid, this sheet mask-inspired product is made up of 86% skincare ingredients. It is available in 36 shades.

In terms of appearance and wearability, Hydra Glow is buildable medium coverage and is ideal for skin that needs a bit more moisture, like normal to dry or mature skin, and it is sensitive skin friendly. It claims to provide glow, blur the skin’s appearance, and hydrate for up to 24 hours.

This is not the first skincare-based foundation I’ve used from Makeup Forever. I currently use Makeup Forever Reboot as my “daywear” foundation. When I saw Hydra Glow on the shelves, I immediately wondered what was different about the two. At the first pump, Hydra Glow has no scent, which is a welcome upgrade from Reboot (and the infamous Water Tone). I would also say that the coverage is ever so slightly heavier and dries down a little closer to matte without going all the way there.

Did Hydra Glow pass an 11-hour wear test?

I wear-tested foundation for 11 hours, using the Makeup Forever Step 1 Primer as a base and setting it with the Makeup Forever HD Skin Powder (more to come on that). I went to a funeral, then ran errands and potted plants in 86-degree weather for two or three hours. After five hours, I found that the makeup still looked great and there was minimal fading in my T-zone after hour 11.

I love foundations that make the skin look like skin and “mature” well after application and Hydra Glow definitely settles beautifully after a few minutes. It provides just the right amount of glow without appearing greasy.

Verdict: High and Mighty

Makeup Forever HD Skin Hydra Glow will become a staple everyday foundation in my collection.

Makeup Forever HD Skin Setting Powder

$43 (full size)/$22 (mini size; select shades) –

The HD Skin Setting Powder appears to be the new and improved replacement for the old Makeup Forever HD Setting Powder. This formula leverages Kaolin Clay to mattify skin and take care of excess shine for 24 hours without making you look like a powdered donut (my words, not theirs). Per the brand, this powder leaves a soft, blurred matte finish that is waterproof, transfer-proof, humidity-proof, and smudge-proof. It is available in eight unifying colors and four correcting shades.

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Did HD Skin Setting Powder hold up under extended wear and sweaty conditions?

I was pleasantly surprised by this powder. It is probably the most finely milled powder I’ve ever used. Traditionally, I have used powder begrudgingly and I definitely do not bake because I don’t like the obviously “powdered” look. This powder delivers on its promise of a soft matte appearance with a subtle blur.

In terms of water resistance and the other extended wear claims, I can’t necessarily say it delivered, but it did perform as expected. The texture of it is also so fine that retouching with it is still quite effective.

Verdict: Might Fine

I’m excited to have a setting powder that works well in conjunction with my other Makeup Forever products. The finish is so beautiful; I think I’ll be reaching for it quite often.

Overall, I think both of these products are welcome additions to my routine and will be great for anyone who likes a “your skin but better” look.

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