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2018: The Year in Review

2018: The Year in Review

Welcome back, Mavericks! I’ve missed you all so much. The year 2018 was such a whirlwind that I haven’t had a moment to really reflect. I mean, my life has gone through a drastic metamorphosis – with no signs of changing.

I learned to love again. I met a wonderful man at the end of 2017, and fell in love with him and his beautiful daughter. Casper (yes, that’s his real name) meant business about his goals and proposed marriage in May! Let’s just say it’s been a huge adjustment! Family is always first, so I spent the majority of the year trying to navigate sharing a world so closely with another person. It’s also been a journey preparing to be a bonus mom and growing into the role of “First Lady” (pray for me!)

Mack the Maverick turned “1”. I started my blogging year with such optimism about the direction and achievements I would see. I connected with you on Facebook and Instagram. I even got do awesome profiles on three awesome people. I embraced “The Power of Doing.”

I experienced profound loss. My aunt died unexpectedly in the summer. Not only did her death teach me about grief, it also taught me so much about joy and influenced my thinking about the legacy I want to leave – the kind of impact I want to make on people. (Thank you, Auntie.)

I hit a wall.  I took a month off from the blog in July, because I. Just. Could. Not. Do. It.  But I got back on the wagon in August.  It was a great month, but burnout and the changes in my life caught up with me.  I lost momentum.  I didn’t write for the rest of the year.  I thought about writing.  I thought about doing all sorts of things that make me warm and fuzzy on the inside,  but life robbed me of that love.

So, where does that leave Mack today?  Well, first of all, Mack is back.  Not being able to meet my goals really put me in a funk and caused me to question everything I thought about my dreams.  I’ve been at this juncture before, but the older I get, it’s harder to endure.  I am reinventing myself and in the process, discovering new loves and new ways of doing things.  I haven’t given up and I won’t be counted out.  I understand that I may not feel passionate all the time, or be inspired every day, but I am equipped to navigate these new waters until I can see the lighthouse again.  Who knows where it will lead…

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To those who followed me and encouraged my work in 2018, thank you for staying in the boat.  If you’re new to Mack the Maverick in 2019, come on in, the water’s fine :-).

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