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Study With Mack – She Will Not Fail

Study With Mack – She Will Not Fail

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Happy Women’s History Month! In honor of this month’s focus, I chose the Project Identity’s devotional, She Will Not Fail for the second edition of “Study With Mack.” This life-affirming devotional focused on the assurance that there is no failure in God. You, my friends, have been chosen for a great purpose, been given the power to accomplish it, and you’ve been given a new beginning, free from the failures of the past.

Day 1: You Have Been Chosen

Scriptures: Psalms 46:5; Luke 1:45; Romans 8:28-30; John 15:16; John 3:16; Philippians 2:5

Your existence is not by happenstance, and your success is not to be hindered by where you’ve been or where you come from. Jesus’ origin in the natural sense surely didn’t hinder Him! You were so treasured that the Father gave his most precious prize – His only Son – for your life everlasting.

It’s not where we start, it’s where we finish, for God already ordained that we would be blessed to walk victoriously in our purpose. In order to claim our victory, we must stay close to the “vine.” We don’t have to muster up faith in our fallible, human selves when we derive our confidence in Christ. We must know who we are in Christ and who he is in us. Forgive yourself for the places you’ve fallen short. Forgive others for the impact they had on your past. Don’t settle for less than God’s choice for you. Get to know the Lord intimately through prayer and the word, and see yourself as He does.

Bonus scriptures: Esther 4:14; Psalm 119:11

Day 2: You’ve Been Given Power

Scriptures: Psalms 46:5; Philippians 4:13; II Timothy 1:7

Picture yourself as a cell phone. You have a battery that can powers you for a while wirelessly without being plugged into a wall. But eventually, your battery wears down and you do have to plug into a power source. No matter how much power we think we have on our own, we will always need to connect to God’s circuit to stay charged. (See also John 15, where Jesus describes our relation to Him as a vine and branches.)

Your will nor my trials are a match for God’s handiwork. When our desperation causes us to “make” things happen, we never get the results we would get if we let go and let God. But there is good news! Christ’s strength is made perfect in our weakness. Our personal “power outages” are the perfect time to Don’t limit the power you have by relying solely on your own source – draw on the power that comes from the Lord.

Bonus Scriptures: Philippians 4; II Corinthians 12:9; John 15

Day 3: You’ve Been Given A New Beginning

Scripture: Psalms 46:5; II Corinthians 5:17; Isaiah 43:18-19

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You ARE worthy. We project often project our unforgiveness ourselves and our own self-loathing onto God. Do we need to seek forgiveness? Yes. Do we need to seek first the kingdom of heaven AND His righteousness? Absolutely. But do we need to walk around with the baggage of sin from which we have been delivered and for which we have been forgiven? NO.

Not only do our shortcomings and obstacles not change our value in God’s eyes, but they do not remove our ordained purpose. Going one step further, our salvation is not in our works – it is in grace through FAITH. That is what makes salvation beautiful. It’s like going to the perfume counter to claim one of those “gift with purchase” offers, only to find out that your purchase has already been paid for, and you STILL get the free gifts! Eternal life, victory, endless possibilities, all that and a bag of chips.

Bonus scriptures: Psalm 27; John 15:4; Ephesians 2:8-10; Psalm 139 13-16

All in all, victory is ours to claim when we know who we are and WHOSE we are. YOU WILL NOT FAIL!

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blue and gold women
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