Hey Y’all!!

My name is Chaffron and I am the creator of Mack the Maverick!


Mack the Maverick is a beauty blog for the independent mind.  Not for the follower or the fearful, this blog is about empowering us to embrace the beauty in everything, especially in ourselves.  Mack the Maverick will tackle the world of makeup, hair, fashion, and the journey of life. I believe that there is a style icon inside everyone, regardless of size, shape, budget or background, and when it comes to bringing it out, where there’s a will there’s a way.  Together, we will turn “I can’t” into “I will!”

I am a singer and beauty connoisseur based out of Nashville, but I call Jackson, MS my home.  I am also one-sixth of the vocal group Axiom. When I’m not singing, playing in makeup, or working hard in the insurance industry to keep the lights on, I enjoy traveling, sewing, line dancing, and Chicago-style Steppin’. And food. Lots of food.

“Be yourself – nobody can do it better.” – Unknown 

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