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New Year Reflection 2024: Living Is Enough

New Year Reflection 2024: Living Is Enough

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New Year, Old Tears?

2023 was a rough year. (I feel like I’ve said that about every year of the 2020s so far, but I digress.) We made it, though, and that’s an important point to cling to.

I realized a few years ago that I always have the hardest time around the fourth quarter of the year. At one time, it was job-related stress. In other years, it was the holiday squeeze. More recently, the end-of-the-year reflection has put a damper on my spirit.

You see, I am very hard on myself. I’ve learned to embrace the small victories, but I often have a hard time recognizing them. Therefore, I spend more time focused on what I did not accomplish (e.g., consistently posting here) than what I did do. This year I had a particularly difficult time identifying my successes – and then I saw this quote:

I immediately felt seen. I was hit with the realization that even if, in theory, I had not managed to “accomplish” ANYTHING, that is entirely ok.

Millions didn’t make it, but we were one of the ones who did

Life has been hard enough for so many of us without the added pressure to succeed in a quantifiable way. Around the fourth quarter of this year, as with most other years, I began to see post after post of friends losing loved ones, young and old. I even reflected on my four-hour surgery, where I could have indeed become another “RIP” on someone’s timeline. When placed into the context of the millions that did not make it into the new year, just living, as compared to the alternative, is a fine thing to celebrate.

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Each new day is indeed a gift not afforded to all. I ease into this year in hopes of making the most of the next 354, intending to be more accepting of what that may look like, and hopeful for what could be. Here’s to fewer tears and more cheers in this new year.


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