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Get Yo’ Flowers, Girl!

Get Yo’ Flowers, Girl!

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Give them flowers while they can still smell them. 

A concept frequently understood, but not often acted upon until it is too late.

My last birthday was a rough one.  I was in the middle of a rather challenging move and I was facing much disappointment in my personal life.  Sitting alone in my living room full of boxes, with sore back and swollen feet, I found myself incredibly discouraged.  What a way to start a new year.

But something pivotal happened – a bright spot in my day.  My new landlords stopped by to see that all was going well with my move, and find out how I was doing. Of course, I put on my “happy mask” and mentioned that it was my birthday.  They gave their well-wishes and went on about their business (or so I thought).  About an hour later, I heard a knock on my door – it was my landlords, with a vase of beautiful orange roses in my honor.  Oh, how I enjoyed those flowers, admiring them each day until they withered.  I enjoyed their beauty so much that I went out and bought some replacement roses as soon as they were gone.  I had an A-ha moment – why wait to be given flowers?  Go get your own!

Up to that point, I had only received flowers twice in my life.  I would see them delivered to the office for others, or I would see people purchasing them for their loved ones at holidays, and wonder, “Why not me? When will it be my turn to be ‘appreciated’?” Purchasing flowers for myself reminded me that my turn can be NOW if I make it so. Now I try to purchase a small bouquet of flowers each week to admire in my home.  It’s a small gesture that reminds me to stop and celebrate what is good, beautiful, and alive in my life.

Those of us who are inclined to care, love, and please others can get so caught up in giving other people their “flowers,” that we forget to celebrate OURSELVES! Regardless of whether or not anyone celebrates you, your time is NOW to appreciate yourself.

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Take that vacation.  Go out to your favorite restaurant.  Turn your phone off and take a nap….Do something special for YOU, while you can still enjoy it.  Don’t ever feel guilty or tacky for remembering YOU.

Go get your flowers!


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