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Tote & Carry Apollo 06 Vest Review

Tote & Carry Apollo 06 Vest Review

tote and carry vest

I’m not one to go batty over a bag, but the Tote & Carry Apollo 06 Vest is one I couldn’t pass up. Around the end of 2021, I kept seeing lots of ads for Tote & Carry, a relative newcomer to the luxury travel arena. I immediately thought the luggage I saw was beautiful, but I wasn’t compelled to look further – until I saw their fashion vests. I thought their 07 series tactical vests were very interesting, but they were indeed a bit too masculine for me to pull off. And then I saw the Apollo 06 tactical vest. It was unlike anything I’d ever seen and seemingly perfect for my lifestyle.

tote and carry vest

I’ve never been crazy about carrying a purse. I admire beautiful handbags and unique designs, but I don’t like the idea of having my movement restricted or having to go through a lot of trouble to find the things I need. I started carrying a backpack again a few years ago because it was better for my body and better for walking. Having my hands free and having my items balanced across my shoulders is a huge help, but I didn’t like feeling unsafe with my personal items behind me. The Tote & Carry Apollo 06 vest addresses all of these things in such a stylish fashion. This bag immediately captivated me with its uniqueness. I couldn’t stop thinking about it, so I went ahead and took the plunge.

About Tote & Carry

Tote & Carry is a Black- and Asian-owned brand founded in 2016 by Tony Rey and Tony Dennis. Tony Dennis, also known as “The Stitch Doctor” or Stitch, has 30 years of experience designing pieces for high-profile clients and media outlets. Tony Rey leverages his business and manufacturing experience to bring luxury and quality together. Together, Dennis and Rey are committed to offering unique pieces that bring luxury and style to the travel accessory space.

Tote & Carry Apollo 06 Vest

The Apollo 06 tactical est drew me in initially because it was interesting, but I purchased it for its functional value.  This bag consists of a backpack and a chest rig.


  • Zip Pocket: 5.5″x6
  • Snap Pocket: 7″x6″
  • Backpack: 10″W x 11″H
  • Straps: Adjustable to 18″

The back of the vest is a backpack with a flap and zipper.  The flap has a zip compartment that is great for small items like hand sanitizer or lotion.  The flap snaps to a slim-profile zippered backpack with a small zip compartment and pocket compartment inside.  

The back of the vest features a fairly standard flat backpack, but the front offers easy access to important items via its two additional pouches – one with a snap closure and the other with zipper closure.  The front and back are mounted together with adjustable straps and a click closure bring the vest together as one piece.  Also of note are a handy metal loop and clip attached to the chest straps to which you can attach items.  


Honoring their commitment to environmental accountability, Tote & Carry produces the bag in vegan “Eco-leather” in a custom croc pattern or in fabric. I chose a mustard vegan leather bag.  Although it is not animal leather, it did have the familiar leather smell that I love so much.  The inside of the back is lined with Tote & Carry’s signature printed lining.  The bag is also outfitted with gold metal hardware for a classy, durable touch.

Is the Apollo 6 Vest Wearable? 

I really, really love the convenience of the front design.  The three items I access the most during the day are my keys, phone, and wallet.  The front pockets and strap clip allow me to access all these items without having to take my bag off and rifle through it.  It also allows me to store these precious items in a way that makes me feel secure.  

On the flip side, after wearing this bag consistently for a couple of weeks, I do have a couple of small nitpicks.  The tactical vests are very much marketed to men, and I now understand why. The bag has 18” adjustable straps, which is vertically passable, but it’s still too big around my waist at the small horizontal adjustment.  For reference, I am around 31” at my natural waist and 34” around the belly button and there’s still about 2 inches of play. 

The bag isn’t uncomfortable, but it does slide a bit because it’s not snug or flush.  If you are my size or smaller, keep this in mind.  Also, on the slide adjustment side of the release buckle, there is a loop to “lock” the strap.  This loop tends to slide away from the adjustment piece, which loosens the bag and also increases the risk of losing the adjustment!  

Otherwise, the bag is solid and has been pleasurable to wear. I recently took this bag on vacation. I generally walk every I can when I’m out of town, and I enjoyed being able to trek in style, keeping all the things I needed handy and safe. Since I traveled with my laptop bag this time, I didn’t get to do the airport experience with this bag. However, I do look forward to trying it next time I travel – and not having to wrangle my luggage and backpack to find my wallet, keys, and phone.

Is the Apollo 06 Vest Worth the Money? 

The Apollo 06 Vest retails for $199 at full price.  I purchased the bag during the New Year’s sale for $135.  It is to date the most expensive bag I’ve ever purchased, but it has been well worth it. Tote & Carry also takes AfterPay and seems to run frequent sales. This bag is so convenient, functional, and has major curb appeal. People stop me everywhere I go to ask me about my vest. It definitely delivers on the “wow” factor that Dennis aims for when he designs his products.

Should you buy the Tote & Carry Apollo 06 Vest?

If your style is more traditional or uber-feminine, this bag may not be your cup of tea. If efficiency is your goal, and you don’t mind something a bit more out-of-the-box, this bag is a must-have.

Verdict: Hight and Migh-T

You can purchase the Apollo 6 Vest at

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Unique Design



Waist adjustment slips

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