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Strands of Faith Living My Blessed Life Box and Brand Review

Strands of Faith Living My Blessed Life Box and Brand Review

Strands of Faith Products

*This post contains affiliate links. Not to worry, this is still a REAL DEAL REVIEW, but I may receive a small commission if you make a purchase through these links.

Every time I walk in a store or browse the internet, my brain is bombarded with products I want to try. Most of the time it’s the packaging, the claims, or the ingredients that spark my interest. Strands of Faith is a rare example of a brand whose values spoke to me. As a woman of faith, I immediately admired the boldness with which Strands of Faith professes their God-given purpose. They are also based out of Brandon, MS, which just a few miles east of Jackson, MS, where I grew up.

Strands of Faith – A Product With Purpose

Strands of Faith was built upon the principles of the following Bible verse:

Faith is the substance of things hoped for and evidence of things not seen

Hebrews 11:1

By the above principle, we can understand that faith is the substance of the healthy hair we hope for the evidence of the moisturized strands and full ends not seen…YET. Strands of Faith embodies this to the point that faith is an actual, listed ingredient in each one of their products.

As a Type 4 natural, there are so many discouraging messages about the appeal of our hair and its capabilities. The media constantly feeds us the message that our hair is not attractive. Friends and family remark that our hair will always be dry, knotty, unmanageable, and unhealthy. And we are definitely discouraged from ever believing our hair will grow. Social circles are getting better about selling these falsehoods, but there is still much to be done. As a person of faith, it’s natural to try to believe in health for the mind, body, and soul. Why not have this same faith for healthy hair?

Faith for Type 4 Hair

One place we tend to receive negative reinforcement for hair stereotypes is on the product shelves. There are not as many product lines that specialize in Type 4 hair, and those that claim to do so often use models that don’t have kinky, coily hair. This can make for a discouraging trial and error process. Strands of Faith answers this with a line specifically made to address the needs of our hair type, and it is tested and modeled by none other than the brand’s founder, Ameka Coleman.

I have been following Ameka Coleman’s hair journey for quite some time. Seeing her waist-length hair is one of the first times I saw what my tightly coiled, Type 4 hair could be. I have always wanted to grow my hair as long as possible, but I was very limited in my idea of what was possible. Seeing her waist-length hair is one of the first times I saw my tightly coiled, “type 4” hair could be.

And then there was Strands of Faith. It was one thing to see results, but knowing the products Coleman was using were also available to me was a spark of hope. Seeing her regimen in action made my hair goals a bit more attainable.

About Strands of Faith Products

The Strands of Faith product line consists of ten handmade products that walk you from wash-day through your full week’s maintenance, with an emphasis on moisture and length retention. Strands of Faith’s products are non-toxic and free of several ingredients that tend to give naturals the blues: Sulfates, Silicones, Parabens, Mineral oil, Phthalates, and Paraffins, Coconut Oil. They are also cruelty-free.

Strands of Faith Living My Blessed Life Box – $147

Strands of Faith offers several product bundles to suit different hair needs. I started my Strands of Faith experience with the Living My Blessed Life Box.

Strands of Faith Living My Blessed Life Box

The Living My Blessed Life Box is a limited edition bundle of products only offered in March and September of each year. The collection includes a whopping seven full-sized products, plus a t-shirt, devotional, wrist band, gator clips, and a surprise gift. The box itself is a recyclable keepsake and the products smell divine before you even open it. Each package comes with a mustard seed as a reminder to “faith it ’til you make it.”

The value alone makes this worth a try: the box is valued at $253 and sold for $147. The products alone are valued at $144, so you are basically getting around 25% off almost every product the brand offers plus everything else FREE. (And Strands of Faith offers Afterpay!!!)

*If you’d like 10% off your next order, I got you! Click here to shop and use my coupon code “Chaffron”.

Miracle 3-in-1 Clay Wash

$25.00 – 8 oz. /$33.00 – 12 oz.

I’ve used clay masks many times before, but never for my hair, and never as a wash product. This product contains three different clays to detox, cleanse and exfoliate the hair and scalp. It also has fatty alcohols, emollients, and moisturizers that aid in detangling. I typically go for the full “wash day in a jar” experience and detox.

Verdict: Mighty FIne. The 3-in-1 Miracle Clay Wash delivers on its claim to aid in the detangling experience and leaves my hair noticeably less knotty and not overly dry.

Intense Deep Conditioning Treatment

$22.00 – 8 oz./$28.00 – 12 oz.

The Deep Conditioning Treatment is relatively lightweight and non-greasy. It is full of emollients and conditioners that help soften the hair and make it more manageable. This is especially important if you have just used a shampoo that has left your hair CLEAN, clean. I find that after using this conditioner, my hair has strength and pliability that keeps it from snapping while in it’s weakest, wettest state.

Verdict: Mighty Fine. This deep conditioner works well in concert with the clay wash or shampoo bar and does not leave residue or film prior to the styling process.

Twisting Butter

$15.00 – 8 oz/$27.00 – 12 oz.

Finally, a product specifically formulated for hair like mine! The Twisting Butter was designed for thick, kinky, coily hair that has a hard time holding moisture.

Strands of Faith Twistout

There comes a time in every natural’s journey when you just know your twistout is going to pop before you unravel it. The Strands of Faith Twisting Butter gives me that blessed assurance. Twisting with this product leaves my twists smooth and juicy, letting me know that my end result will be moisturized with little unruly frizz.

Verdict: Mighty Fine. This is very good twisting butter fo when I want definition with a relatively soft hold.

Moisturizing Cream

$22.00 – 12 oz.

As I mentioned in a previous review, it is so challenging finding moisturizers that are effective for kinky hair AND don’t have silicones. This is another option that fits those two criteria. The Strands of Faith Moisturizing cream is a star when it comes to keeping hair detangled and refreshing styles. It has a very nice, light, whipped texture that is effective without being heavy. I also don’t get a lot of buildup from using it throughout the week, which is a plus when trying to stretch my style until wash day.

Verdict: High and Mighty! This is the first true moisturizer I have truly loved in my 11 year natural hair journey.

Leave-In Conditioner

Strands of Faith Leave-In Conditioner

$19.00 – 8 oz.

Sometimes when I shampoo my hair, it takes a second for my hair to “snap back” from the detangling process. I have noticed that The Strands of Faith Leave-In Conditioner aids in bringing the life back into my curls and helps them to reform.

Verdict: Might Fine. This product is a great first layer of moisture after a good wash and deep condition.

Conditioning Refresher Spray

Strands of Faith Refresher Spray

$18.00 – 8 oz.

The Conditioning Refresher Spray is designed as a very lightweight moisturizer to help us revive and hydrate curls. In all honesty, I’ve never had much luck with this type of spray. They typically either fail to add moisture, or end up shrinking and tangling my hair, ending any hope of a second or third-day style.

I can say this product did neither of those things, but I benefited more from the Moisturizing Cream. I am willing to give it another chance, though, particularly for my next protective style.

Verdict: Okay. I find the Refresher Spray to be a good alternative to plain water when refreshing styles, but I seem to get more waxy buildup when using.

Stimulating Sealing Oil

Strands of Faith Stimulating Sealing Oil

$18.00 – 4 oz.

I use the Stimulating Sealing Oil to seal the moisture into my hair during damp styling and sparingly when I unravel my twistouts. This oil is not heavy and is non-greasy. It has a refreshingly minty smell without the tingly irritation of other oil blends that claim to stimulate the scalp.

See Also

Verdict: Mighty Fine

Strands of Faith Shampoo Bar and Styling Custard

Having tried and enjoyed everything else Strands of Faith had to offer, I had to purchase the Non-stripping Shampoo Bar and Styling Custard.

Non-stripping Shampoo Bar

Strands of Faith Shampoo Bar

$15.00 – 4 oz.

I had seen shampoo bars from other brands, but never from a brand catering to my hair type. I use bar soap on my body, but I always equated shampoo bars to body soap for the face – I assumed they would leave my hair stripped and dry. When I saw that Strands of Faith had a shampoo bar I had to try it.

And it came right on time. My husband travels for a living, and I go with him as much as I can. Sometimes the length and timing of a trip put me in a pickle concerning my wash schedule.

Sidenote: I really wish more Black haircare brands carried ready-made travel size products, but I digress.

Strands of Faith does an excellent job of offering trial and travel size products in general, but a shampoo bar saves space and cuts down on liquids I have to fly with. As a matter of fact, it is recommended that you cut a small piece of the bar, lather it in your hands, and apply it to your hair. Problem solved!

This product cuts down on time during the wash process and is a great value, given that a small slither can lather and wash your whole head. It is indeed non-stripping, but it does leave your clean with no filmy residue.

Verdict: Mighty Fine. There’s a reason this product keeps selling out. I give it points from effectiveness and efficiency, and major points from portability.

Styling Custard

$20.00 – 8 oz.

Natural hair twistout
The Styling Custard gives me major curl definition.

The Strands of Faith Styling Custard is the firmer-hold sister to the Twisting Butter. (Note: They are not to be used together.) This styler is designed to hydrate the hair while adding shine and curl definition.

When I say my twistouts pop with this product, I mean they POP. The custard gives a firm enough hold to fight frizz and define the waves, but without any kind of crunch.

Verdict: This might be my favorite product in the entire line. HIGH AND MIGHTY.

Final Thoughts on Strands of Faith Hair Products

The only product I have not yet used in this line is the Cleansing Co-wash, mainly because I don’t co-wash often. However, as I am adjusting my hair regimen this year, it is one I look forward to trying.

The order and shipping process for Strands of Faith was fast and easy, The products are a bit expensive, but the company runs sales often, and again, there is Afterpay. The price and value of the products are worth it because they work. I have no regrets, and I can highly recommend you try any of the products from this brand.

Correction (3/2/21): Strands of Faith is not yet Leaping Bunny certified, but the products are cruelty-free and not tested on animals.

Strands of Faith products can be ordered at Have you tried this brand? Would you? Let us know in the comments below!

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