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For My Good: Life Lessons from 2020

For My Good: Life Lessons from 2020

Chaffron Corder For My Good

The year 2020 was a defining year for most of us. We loved, we lost. Some of us stood still, yet grew leaps and bounds, like a tree taking root. In a year marked by a global pandemic, a push for justice, and a polarizing election, it has taken everything not to focus on the negativity. Still, amidst all the loss, there is still great value to be found in the year. The most valuable thing I gained this year was perspective. 2020 was supposed to be a year of clear vision. Here are four practices my eyes were opened to this year.

Recharge Your Batteries

What do you do when there’s nothing else to do? You REST. I quit my corporate job this year with the intention of aggressively pursuing my dreams. My mind said no. My body said no. At times, my heart even said NO MA’AM. If I can be honest, I have been disappointed with my progress or lack thereof. However, I also accept that this was my season to detox, regroup, and recover. (For more details on my journey, check The End of An Era and The End of An Era – Part II.)

Reflect On Your Life

Reflection is also a natural byproduct of a quarantine. For many of us, when the world stood still, OUR world stood still in whatever position we were in at the beginning of the pandemic, at least at first. I had a lot of time to think about my decisions, both good and bad, in the past and for the future. It’s very hard to sit with your regrets, but to confront them and release them breeds freedom. As we studied in the devotional “She Will Not Fail”, we have been chosen by God, we have power, and we have a new beginning to look forward to. I’m still working to embrace this, but awareness is a step in the right direction.

Reset Your Intentions

This year, I found more time to plan, which is a great mental and creative outlet.

Many of us started new businesses, picked up new hobbies, and learned new ways of living. Before this year, I was struggling to get a grasp on my life with all the changes I had experienced in a short period of time. There were things I wanted to accomplish but my goals were hazy at best. I had a hard time even concentrating on the things that were important to my personal development. I had an opportunity this year to more clearly align my goals and lean into some of the things that spark joy in my life, like decorative planning. My mom and I also started writing a book and launched a YouTube channel, where we get down to earth about everything from managing finances to blending families.

Rejoice In the Good

Rejoice in the Lord always; again I will say, rejoice.

Philippians 4:4

In a year where so much bad stuff happened, it’s easy to throw this whole year away. But there’s something about the worst of times that causes you to really grasp what is good in your life. I learned to make joy where I couldn’t find it. I’m grateful for my life, I’m grateful for health, and I’m grateful for my strength, amongst many other things.

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I am also so very grateful for each one of you who have supported my journey and all my endeavors. I wish you all light and love in 2021.


For My Good Chaffron Corder
For My Good Chaffron Corder
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