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And the SON Still Shines: Finding Light in the Darkness

And the SON Still Shines: Finding Light in the Darkness

11 For the Lord God is a sun and shield;
the Lord bestows favor and honor.
No good thing does he withhold
from those who walk uprightly.
– Psalm 84:11

I don’t care what winter says, it’s spring, doggone it! And I’m sure my nose would second that notion, judging from the pollen in the air.  Anyway, the first day of spring is March 20 or 21, but I personally mark it on the day of the observance celebrating the resurrection of Christ, Resurrection Sunday. (Or what many refer to as Easter).  Each year, I look forward to what I affectionately call the Easter Snap.  Although, the weather hasn’t quite gotten the memo, in my heart the Easter Snap signifies the transition from all this dank and dreary to a time of warmth and fun.  And bright clothes that I actually enjoy wearing.  The birds sing and the flowers bloom.  It is a time of newness and rebirth.

This year, as I observed all the colorful threads, family fellowship, and solemn remembrances of Jesus, the Lord laid on my heart the people forgotten on days like these.  I’m talking about those incarcerated, incapacitated by physical illness, or even shut in by depression and other states of mind and heart.  While we were at church reflecting on Christ’s sacrifice, my heart went out to those who longed to be there but could not.  Sharing in a family meal made me think of loved ones who have lost hope.  I imagined how difficult it must be to hear about the rising of the Son while dwelling in the shadows.  I can remember many a time in my life, where the darkness in my heart made me believe God was not there.

Today, as I look out of the window at the lingering traces of rain, I am reminded of this one thing:

Y’all, the sun is still shining.  It’s dark and overcast, but I know the sun is still there.

The presence of the sun is not changed by the clouds that clothe it.

The appearance of the moon to us, shown brightly to in the night, is evidence of the sun, for the moon produces no light of its own.  It only reflects the sun’s light.

When I stand in the shelter of the shade, nothing between the sun and I can make that celestial body disappear.

I say this as an encouragement to anyone out there that feels lost or forgotten. No matter how dark the day, God hasn’t left or forsaken you.    Just as the lack of light at times doesn’t change the existence of the sun, our circumstances do not change who He is.  The Son, Jesus Christ, died as a payment for our sins.  He gave His life to afford us an abundant one.  We give thanks for this, but let’s not forget He lives!!!  There is a risen Savior with the power to conquer death and anything else you may be facing.  One who is always there whether we can see Him, feel Him, or not.  Just like the sun in the sky, Jesus, the Son – the light- has the power to warm the world and make things grow anew, even after the coldest winters in your life.  He has the power to move anything that stands between us and the light if we truly believe.

Know that the SON yet shines, for me and for YOU.

Wanna know more about this hope we speak of?  Click here for more information. 

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